White Fillings in Rochdale

White fillings for a healthier looking smile

White fillings will protect your teeth from the damaging impact of decay, without having any adverse effect on your smile. In the past, patients were conscious about laughing and smiling with metal amalgam fillings but now, you can be proud of your smile and enjoy continued self-confidence with new tooth coloured fillings. Known as white fillings, they feel natural, look natural and allow you to smile and laugh as much as you want to.

Why choose white fillings?

White fillings are just as strong and durable as traditional silver fillings. They made up of composite materials that include tiny glass particles, man-made resin and a setting component. Just like a normal filling, it is placed into the decayed tooth the same way as a metal filling would be. Once any damaging tartar, decay, plaque or existing filling has been removed, your new filling will be held in place by a strong bonding solution. The new tooth coloured composite is then shaped and moulded to perfectly match your natural tooth contours. A curing light is used to harden and strengthen the filling before it is finally trimmed and polished. This smile-enhancing procedure is available at our dental surgery in Rochdale and is a relatively quick and easy treatment procedure. White fillings have many benefits and can:

  • Restore chips and breaks as well as cavities
  • Exhibit less sensitivity to hot and cold than metal fillings
  • Bond directly to the tooth and add to its strength
  • Deliver a more natural and attractive smile

What is the cost of a white filling?

Our dentists will be more than happy to arrange a white filling appointment at our modern dental surgery in Rochdale. All our prices are listed on our fee page. Please click here for the latest white filling costs.

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