Dental Hygienist in Rochdale

Preventing dental problems before they occur

Brushing your teeth regularly, interdental cleaning and using an appropriate mouthwash help to prevent dental problems. For complete peace of mind you need the care and advice only a specialist hygienist and therapist can give.

Don’t leave the health of your teeth to chance. Call now or get in touch. We will offer you the right advice to improve your oral hygiene routine.

The added value of hygienist and therapist care

When you visit a Edenfield Cosmetic & Dental Care hygienist it’s like having your own personal trainer to keep your teeth in shape. Taking the health of your teeth to a higher level, you can expect:

  • Professional cleaning – scaling and polishing for a perfect healthy finish
  • Therapist services – wider choice of treatment including fillings
  • Quality advice – how to avoid plaque build up and gum disease
  • Brushing tips – the right brush and best technique for you
  • Good suggestions – how to use floss and interdental brushes effectively
  • Focused advice – specific suggestions to care for dentures, bridges and implants
  • Helpful recommendations – avoiding bad breath and other oral problems

How much does a dental hygiene appointment cost?

A stronger smile can help you to relax and enjoy life. All our prices are listed on our fee page. Please click here for the latest dental hygiene and dental therapy costs.

Taking oral hygiene seriously

To keep your teeth strong and healthy we provide preventative services that reduce the risk of disease or decay. If preventing dental problems appeals to you regular hygienist appointments are an intelligent choice.

The advice of a hygienist and therapist will improve your oral hygiene, and correct any mistakes you’ve been making. Call now or get in touch for expert treatment from Chloe Norcross - and advice that will keep you teeth and gums healthy and beautiful.

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