Dentures in Rochdale

Confidence with a new smile

When teeth are missing, it’s highly likely to affect your self-confidence and stop you from smiling as you would normally do. As well as that, large gaps where teeth used to be can affect the way your upper and lower teeth bite together. Whether you have a series of missing teeth or a number of gaps, we can help you to regain your natural confidence with denture treatment.

What are dentures?

Full and partial dentures are synthetic false teeth that fit firmly over your gums and can be removed for cleaning and care. They offer a natural look and are made specifically for you to wear comfortably as well as to enjoy eating and speaking confidently. After new dentures have created and fitted, it is important to carry out regular dental hygiene routines. The benefit of dentures is that they can be removed for easy cleaning and allow you to brush and care for your existing teeth and gums.

A great solution to bring back your smile

There are basically two kinds of dentures that can provide treatment to bring back your smile. Depending on your individual condition, your dentist will recommend either a full or partial denture. A full denture replaces all of your upper or lower teeth and a partial denture fills gaps between remaining natural teeth. Dentures are not the only solution for replacing missing teeth though. You may be suitable for a dental bridge or would like a more permanent solution such as dental implants. If you are experiencing any of the issues below, we recommend visiting our practice at Edenfield Cosmetic & Dental Care to talk to our experts and find a solution perfect for you.

  • If you have gaps in your teeth that affect the look of your smile
  • If you have teeth that have changed position recently
  • If you have problems chewing food with your teeth
  • If you have lost teeth through accident or decay

Smiling with confidence again

Losing one or more teeth can be very unsettling and, here at Edenfield Cosmetic & Dental Care, we aim to help to bring back that smile of yours and fill you with confidence once again. We are happy to answer any question you may have about dentures and once they are fitted and adjusted, you will have the confidence to smile, chat and eat in any situation.

How much are dentures?

If you would like to find out about prices for our partial and full dentures please contact our reception team at our Rochdale dental practice who will be more than happy to advise and guide you. For other missing teeth solutions, you can find out more by visiting our dental implant or dental bridge pages.

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