Root Canal Treatment in Rochdale

A professional solution for internal tooth decay

In the centre of a tooth there are natural cavities known as the root canals. When teeth decay due to oral hygiene neglect, poor diet or unattended fracturing, they can become badly infected. All teeth contain nerves which lie within the pulp inside the tooth cavities and if the canals become infected, they can cause considerable discomfort.

In more extreme cases abscesses can begin to form as well as swelling in other areas of the face or head. The good news is that, with professional root canal therapy, an affected tooth can be saved and your discomfort relieved.

Root Canal therapy

At our modern dental surgery in Rochdale, our dentists have access to the most up-to-date facilities enabling us to successfully treat your root canal symptoms. The treatment involves a very delicate and skilful procedure which is carried out by an experienced Specialist Endodontist.

Before treatment commences we will always offer reassurance to our patients and do our utmost to answer any questions or concerns. We aim to provide a trouble-free experience including any patient who may suffer with anxiety and require the use of conscious sedation.

This will help to relax patients during treatment. With expertise and the latest equipment to hand, our root canal process will include:

  • The gentle delivery of local anaesthesia
  • The placement of a dental dam to keep the tooth clean and dry
  • Minimal drilling and cleaning of any damaged areas
  • Refilling of any cavities created
  • Tooth restoration or a new crown placement if required
  • Advice on after care and dental hygiene

Smile in confidence again

Experiencing excruciating discomfort with your teeth or in your mouth can affect your smile and self-confidence. Root canal therapy is a highly successful dental treatment and, once your new crown or restoration has been placed, you will be able to eat, drink and smile again with ease. Root canal treatment is an effective procedure that gives long lasting, and often unnoticeable results.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

If you are suffering with tooth ache or have developed a swelling on your gums surrounding a tooth, contact our practice in Rochdale immediately. Root canals must be health with promptly. Our prices are listed on our fee page which can be accessed by clicking this link to the latest root canal treatment costs.

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